For over 25 years, Emling perpetuates the craftsmanship of the great traditional shoemakers. Our collections of hand-stitched shoes are made with care for the greatest pleasure of men who love authenticity, comfort and elegance. Through our sober, exclusive and trendy lines, the Emling brand is a reference in the world of high-end footwear.

Handcrafted shoes

The shoes in our exclusive collections are fully assembled and fitted by the expert hands of Emling's shoemakers. All are carefully crafted, the seams perfectly stitched and the perforations delicately punched. We give special attention to the smallest details of our products ensure they look as good as they feel.

High-quality leathers

We select the best skins from our historical partners, renowned French tanneries recognized worldwide for their mastery of traditional calf leather manufacturing techniques. We can thus ensure quality, comfort and flexibility that will stand the test of time.

Smart, contemporary and urban designs

Our products are designed for the Emling man who is smart, contemporary and urban. Whether it is our historic Couture line, in which we revisit the great classics such as the Oxford, or more contemporary lines such as our wide range of sneakers, we refresh our designs over time while respecting the company's high standards and know-how. From formal to casual, the designs we create are all essentials of the men's wardrobe. Sober, sophisticated, sporty or even personalised, our shoes dress your feet for all occasions.

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