1. About our shoes and accessories

  • Size guide : The shapes of our shoes are not identical from one model to another, this is why your size may vary. This will be the case for our sneakers line, some models from our Couture, Ville and Urban Chic lines..

    Refer to the "size tip" on each product sheet to know which size to choose.

  • When you take an extra ½ size, does it make the difference in both length and width? Yes, it takes 3 millimeters more in length as well as in width at the level of the footwear.

  • Have you received a belt that is too large? All our belts are adjustable to the desired size. Indeed, thanks to its screw system, you can go to our stores or to a shoemaker to have your belt cut to your size.

  • What is the use of shoetrees? Shoetrees are part of a shoe's maintenance routine, they help keep the original shape of the shoes and also absorb moisture. We prefer to use shoe trees without varnish, that's why Emling offers shoetrees in unvarnished beech wood.

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2. Take care of your shoes

  • How often should you maintain your shoes? The frequency depends on the use. However, it should be carried out at least once a week as follows: cleaning with a damp cloth (for smooth leather) or dry brushing (for suede).

    Application of a maintenance product, for smooth leather only (waxing, cream...), then polishing with a dry, soft cloth. The polishing will only be effective after the product has dried.

  • How to waterproof leather or nubuck shoes? Leathers with a smooth appearance are already protected by the surface finish. However, nubuck or suede leather needs to be protected by applying a waterproofing product. This application should be done regularly.

  • How do I dry a pair of wet shoes? Wet shoes should never be dried near the heater; they may harden and become brittle. It is best to let them dry naturally in the open air and insert newspaper to absorb the moisture.

  • How to remove stains from shoes?

    Ink: Lemon juice or skimmed milk

    Thick ink: 90% alcohol or acetone

    Felt: Lemon juice plus water or acetone

    Coffee: Slightly ammoniated water

    Lipstick: Ether

    Fresh blood: Vinegar plus very cold water

    Grease: Within 30 minutes maximum, mixture of trichloroethylene and « terre de Sommières ». Allow to dry and then brush.

  • Why install protective pads? When shoes are new, the outsole is smooth, so the decision can be made to have a skate installed to prevent slipping. In addition, the skate will protect the sole from moisture and any water infiltration and thus cause premature wear.

3. Shipping & Returns

  • How fast is the delivery of my order? Your order will be shipped within 24 hours if it is placed between Monday and Friday, depending on availability in stock and after validation of payment. Your package will be delivered by DHL for Fra,ce and colissimo for worldwide, the delivery time is  24 to 48 hours for France.

  • How do I track the shipment of my order? You can track the shipment of your package on https://www.laposte.fr/outils/suivre-vos-envois using your tracking number that will be sent to you once your order has been shipped.

  • How do I exchange shoe sizes? If your shoe size doesn't fit you have two options: 

    In our shops: with your invoice, available in your customer area and a piece of ID.

    Our website by contacting us by email service.client@emling.fr or by phone at, to check that the size is available and explain the procedure to follow.

  • How do I return an item? To return an item to us, you must fill out the return form, enclose it in your package, and send it to us at the following address: EMLING - 96 rue de Courcelles - 75017 Paris - France.

  • Who is responsible for the return costs? Return costs are the responsibility of the customer. Upon receipt of the return, the costs paid when placing the order will be refunded in proportion to the calculation set out in Article 6 of our GCS.

  • Customs charges may be applied by the carrier for deliveries outside the European Union.

4. Contact Customer Service

You can contact Emling customer service from Monday to Friday from 10:30 am to 07:00 pm on the following number or by email service.client@emling.fr

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