Glazing is the direct result of a physical phenomenon called «unstable emulsion», obtained through the contact of wax and water.

Proportion of polish & water

The proportions are 90% wax to a mere 10% water. The cloth used must be damp but not wet, otherwise you will only remove the delicate skin of the leather (called "la fleur" or flowere) in,stead of shinnin it.

Process & technical

Wax is applied with a cotton cloth, the hand moving in concentric circles. Use warm water, as cold water accelerates the solidification of wax and could cause light streaking at the tips of your shoes.

The first rule of survival is to only glaze the tips of shoes. Glazing a shoe elsewhere, where the leather folds, for example, can even reduce its longevity by half. You can easily «reactivate» a previous glazing with the help of a chamois cloth kept exclusively for this purpose.

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