For 30 years, we apply our craftsmanship to serve your desire to be elegant by choosing beautiful materials that will provide you with pride and pleasure. Emling shoes are crafted following the great tradition of shoemaking with carefully selected quality leathers.

Quality leathers

The most beautiful shoes are made from the best leathers, which is why we buy ours from French tanneries renowned for their ancestral craftsmanship and the quality of the skins they work from. Most of our designs are made from full-grain calf leather.

Box calf for elegant shoes

The greatest shoemakers and other leather goods manufacturers prefer box calf for its specific texture which gives it an incomparable softness and resistance. Its grain is so fine that it is almost completely smooth, which is ideal for a formal shoe such as the Oxford.

Suede calfskin for casual footwear

Our suede calfskin is a textured brushed leather that gives a more casual look to the shoe. It is soft and supple, and its uniform surface is perfect in all colours. When used without lining, it is ideal to wear barefoot in the summer.

Authentic craftsmanship

We call upon the best shoemakers to craft our exceptional shoes. The skins are carefully trimmed following our proprietary patterns and are then assembled and stitched by hand.

Every detail count: stitching, eyelets or perforations, everything is done manually and traditionally. We carry out rigorous quality controls throughout the manufacturing process, because all our designs are created with a single objective: provide comfort and elegance to the wearer.

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